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Garden paths, patios and driveways. Ideas & advice:


The right patio, path or driveway can make a real difference and can actually add value to your house, but what type should you choose and with what materials?

The driveway and all the walkways around the home need not be an expensive home improvement and various different materials are available to suit budget and taste too.

Let’s have a quick look at the most common types of path or driveway and what may be suitable for your next exterior home improvement.

A path is, by definition, a route or way of getting from one place to the other, but I really don’t need to explain that further, it’s pretty obvious you all know what a path is!

That goes for patios and driveways too!

Whilst we look at the different types of hardstanding, it’s worth noting that you can use this information to create a new path or drive, or to update or repair an existing one, each homeowner has different needs so this is more of a general overview and I hope it comes in handy.

we aim to provide a complete block paving service to all our clients in the Bristol area. Here is a selection of the ranges available from Marshalls. They are a quality paving manufacturer that we have worked closely with over many years now. We are an approved installer and have benefited many times from our close relationship with some of the best paving manufacturer’s including Marshalls.

Block paving is available in a wide range of styles, textures and colours. They are suitable for all sorts of driveways and patios. If you would like to see some examples in person, remind us when we are calling out for a free quotation at your home and we can bring some samples with us.


Well known for quality and durability, paving will keep its great looks for years to come. The mix of colours and great value combine to make this the most popular block paving option.

Available in a wide range of rich colours, which are consistent right through the block, Driveline 50 Block Paving can be blended together to create new patterns and designs with many other types of paving. Commonly laid in a 45  or 90 degree herringbone pattern style on driveways, patios or pathways.

Tegula Style

With a rugged look, Tegula delivers a more, traditional appearance. Tegula combines outstanding aesthetics with strength, durability and strong colour. With multiple colour options and a distinctive edge this makes it ideal for any driveway. Most commonly laid on driveways as it is slightly more expensive than block paving.

The Tegula range has three sizes (small, medium and large) within each pack that allows for a random pattern to be laid.

A newer range added by Marshalls. With a more rustic feel to it. Textured to give the impression of age and character. This is a multi styled paving block which can be laid in various styles depending on your overall vision for the area. Suitable for driveways and patios. Will make any patio, garden or driveway really stand out in comparison to any other style of block paving. More expensive than either of the above options but in our opinion, if you are looking for something different, this is 100% the best option.

There is many other options available on the market, we have chosen to highlight the more popular ones to give you an idea of the choices and ranges available when you opt for Marshalls paving at your home.

We Lay New Patio Areas

if you love the natural look coupled with the design opportunities, bold or subtle, possible with wonderful stone then we certainly have something to share with you!

We hope that our natural paving slabs, walling, steps, copings, aggregates, monoliths and other stone products can inspire you so that we can help you select a lasting combination that is uniquely yours!

A unique classic style of Porcelain Tiles suitable for exterior use. Available in several sizes.

Slabs characterised by a sophisticated colour enriched a surprising graphic motion on the surface

Beautiful Granite paving slabs are available in black, mid and light grey, and yellow.

Soft to the touch, all our granite paving slabs are suitable for patios, pathways and various areas of paving.

Produced for a contemporary design or a rustic cottage style. Available in several colours and sizes.

The exterior limestone paving flags offer outstanding visual appeal with their distinctive veining.

Italian Porphyry Paving

Italian Porphyry Paving"

Sandstone Paving

Slate Paving

Originating from Italy, these porphyry paving patio slabs consist of large-grained crystals

Very hard rock, available in random sizes and varying thickness suitable for building projects

Natural sandstone paving flags available in a huge range of sizes and colours from light beige to dark.

The Raj Indian Sandstone being the cheapest and most popular natural flagstone product amongst others.

Originating from Brazil, these natural slate paving slabs are available in 2 coulours : black and grey

Slate patio slabs have a textured and riven surface and are also consistant in colour from slab to slab.

Quartzite Paving

Basalt Cobbles

Tumbled Basalt Cobbles

Granite Cobbles

These quartzite paving slabs have a unique visual appeal. Their texture contains distinctive quartz sparkles.

Quartzite paving flagstones are very strong and can therefore easily be used on drives and pathways

This is block paving in stone. Each piece is precisely machined to a constant depth and width

A solid edge is required before laying on a well prepared sand over a compacted base.

Those cobblestones (also called setts) are even stronger thanks to their texture and thickness of min 50 mm

All types of cobbles are suitable for driveways or pathways in any a traditional or contemporary design

Limestone Cobbles

Porphyry Cobbles

Sandstone Cobbles

These natural limestone setts can be used on patios and driveways and are available in several sizes

Limestone cobblestones create a warm setting & a pleasing change to man-made block paving

The term porphyry refers to the purple-red colour of this stone, valued for its appearance.

Hardest known stone in antiquity, very suitable for paths and driveways

These natural sandstone setts are available in various colours, finishes and sizes.

The tumbled cobblestones can be laid without mortar like block paving

Coping & Steps Aggregates & Gabions Gravel Stabilisation

Natural stone copings and steps machined and hand finished to create a smooth, rounded front edge

Available in Granite, Limestone, Sandstone and Slate. Bespoke sizes and textures available on request.

(Very) Small, crushed, rounded natural stones available in several sizes and colours.

Most can be used on pathways or driveways. Pebbles & chippings in various coulours also in stock.

Comes in 3 colours for minimal visibility and prevents drive creep on even steep slopes.

Fully permeable & weed resistant membrane available in 3 different sheet sizes

Purbek Walling Quartzite Walling Ragstone Walling

Random shapes and sizes produce a wall with traditional and rustic effect.

Purbeck walling is available in 1 ton bags and looks beautiful on a garden wall or under coping stones.

Strong and durable stone product that can be used to give a traditional or contemporary finish

Can also be used for a decorative rockery or boarding material both internally or externally

Locally sourced and suitable for achieving an heritage style

Can be used with great effect for rockery and garden water features.

We build Garden Steps

A step-by-step guide to the way we build steps in your garden

Call us if you need to steps to your garden. Whether you’re adding steps to a slope or adding free-standing steps.

Our Methods/Essentials:

  • Tape measure, String lines, Pegs, Shovel, Bricks, Slab, Mortar, Gravel, Concrete and Spirit level.

There are two very popular ways to build garden steps:

One example method used for building steps into a bank or slope.

  1. We begin by measuring the vertical height of the slope and mark it with two parallel string lines.
  2. Next, we attach a string line at the top of the slope and hold it horizontally; measure the height and length of the flight.
  3. We divide the height measurement by 200 mm (8 in) to work out how many steps you’ll need, then divide the number of steps by the height to determine each step’s depth.
  4. Then we set the lines across to mark the step.
  5. We dig the step shapes from the top of the flight, working downwards step by step.
  6. Once you have reached the bottom, we dig a shallow trench and lay a concrete foundation. This strip of foundation will have to measure about 100 mm (4 in) thick and 300 mm (12 in) wide.
  7. We allow the foundation harden for 48 hours.
  8. Now lay two courses of bricks onto the concrete strip, and backfill with gravel.
  9. Apply mortar, using the trowel to the top of the brickwork, and position the first slab on the mortar bed
  10. Tamp down.
  11. Using a spirit level, check that the steps are level.
  12. Continue to build the second riser on the back edge of the first tread, backfill and lay the slab to form the second tread as in previous step.
  13. Repeat this process until you have reached the top of the flight.

Helpful Information:

The steps will need to be wide enough for two people walking side by side.  We use frost resistant bricks to build garden steps

We offer the service of Power Cleaning, Drives, Patios and Paths.

Landscaping Services


We work with many materials in our landscaping projects.

We will deliver a garden design that meets your functional requirements and complements the surroundings and is fit for purpose.

By having your garden landscaped , the appearance will be improved and updated condition.

Also it may increase the value of your home.

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We cover all aspects of gardening.

We will help you to design your landscape and will talk you through the plans so you know exactly how your garden will look afterwards.

We will happily build a wall, add steps, build a water feature into your garden or patio area.

We provide all of the necessary equipment and materials and remove all rubbish.

 Decking - New paths - Patios - Walls built & re-pointed


before - old worn and rotten wooden fence

After - replaced with new treated wooden fence

There are many types and sizes of fencing styles to choose from.


Removed the old fencing and preparing for the panels to be fitted

before - old worn and rotten wooden fence

After - replaced with new treated wooden fence

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 All of our services are carried out to the highest quality.

We have years of experience in the landscaping trade.


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