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Biddles Tree Services, Undertake All Aspects Of Tree Care

Tree Pruning, Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top), Tree Felling, Tree Topping

Stump Removal/Grinding down

Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed, Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

Fencing, Gardening - lawns, tidying, Garden Clearance

Build Patios Areas & Paths, Gravel Driveways

Cleaning Driveways

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Our Services ...

We provide all tree services and deal with all types of trees.

Tree Pruning

Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top)

Tree Topping

Tree Felling 

Stump Removal/Grinding down

  Tree Care Page

Fencing - we supply and install fencing, including posts and boards

Gardening - lawns, tidying etc.

Garden Clearance - dealing with all kinds of shrubs etc.

Jet Washing Services for Paths, Drives, Patios and Decking Areas.


Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed, Thinned & Removed

  Hedge Cutting

All Landscaping Services Available

Paths, Steps, Driveways, Patios and Decking

  Landscaping Page

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About us...

Our family have been in the tree and garden business for generations.

I set up my own venture in 2008 and am still going strong today.

We are extremely conscientious and take great care in our work.

My team is extremely experienced in the work we undertake.

Biddles Tree Services are experienced and work to high standards.

We are specialists in all types of tree and garden services.

We deal with all types of trees, hedgerows and shrubs.

We prune, top and deal with all aspects of tree work including expertly felling trees.

Hedgerows are pruned and trimmed.

We also carry out all kinds of garden work.

All tree waste is organically recycled.

We are registered waste carriers.

We always ensure your site is left as tidy as possible and take great care to cause minimal disruption to your property, its surroundings and the environment.

Tree Trimming



Hedge Trimming


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